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Tintype FAQ's

How long does it take?

Currently we give 30 minute time slots for tintypes. This is divided up between 5 minutes of posing, taking exposure readings, camera settings, focusing, loading the plate, and exposing the image. The rest is given to developing, washing, and showing you your plate!

How many people can you shoot at once?

We shoot 1-2 people per our 4x5 plates. Due to the longer exposure time and having to sit still for up to a minute we only shoot adults and mature children. Please note there will be a reshoot fee for materials if a plate is out of focus due to a model moving. 

What should I wear?

Texture- Plaid, tweed, floral prints, fur or fake fur, contrasting patterns like polka dots, jewelry BLING.

What to avoid- Clothing with any lettering or branding as it will appear backwards. 

Note- Reds will appear dark and black as they are not picked up by the light spectrum of the UV process  

When will I receive my tintype?

You will receive your tintype in two weeks time for local pickup. If you elected for shipping, you will receive a shipping conformation within two weeks of the session. You will also receive a high resolution digital copy for your private use such as social media and Christmas cards within the two week time frame. This gives me time to scan and also coat the images to help prevent scratches and increase the longevity of the tintype.

Can I book you for private events such as weddings?

Absolutely! We would love to set up and shoot at your event. Tintypes are an amazing gift and a way to ensure you have heirlooms to look back on. We personally love shooting weddings and parties!

What if I don't like how the tintype turns out?

If this is due to something superficial (such as your facial expression), I will be happy to re-shoot another plate for you for a material and time fee. This fee varies but will be stated in the session contract. 

If the process didn't work out how I wanted or the plate was damaged, I will reshoot at no charge to you. Examples of this would be: plate chemistry didn't work out so image is way under or over exposed, I dropped a glass plate and it shattered, or too many plate "artifacts" on faces.

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