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"A glimpse into a new perspective."


We love celebrating love - and your love story is no exception! 

Whether it's your love story with your partner, your dog, yourself, or your family... We're here for it! 

Crooked Window offers digital and film photography, drone photography, digital videography, tintypes, film developing, and a beautiful greenhouse studio rental for lovers + creatives in the High Country area of North Carolina. 

Our creative services cater to couples, individuals, families, and any other grouping of loved ones (including the furry, fuzzy, scaly types). We strive to create memories that can be relived for decades to come. Whatever chapter of life you're in - we're here to celebrate the beauty of it with you.

In everything we do, we do it with love and for love. 


*LGBTQ+ celebratory; queer and veteran owned*


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